About Us
>>Is it about us or about you?

There will always be other opportunities to earn your business but only one to earn your TRUST.

That's what we stand for as an IT company that works with YOU as the focus. It is not about our business but about yours It is about your trust that comes first for us. We have grown from 0 to more than 150 team members in just 10 years.

Genesis Business Solutions was incorporated in 1996 as a Database consultancy specializing in the development and implementation of RDBMS applications. In the past year we have evolved into a comprehensive Information Systems solution provider. Our primary focus always been to provide cost effective solutions to medium and large corporations . We have established ourselves in all facets of software development life cycle. Our core services include software development and integration including client/server technology, object oriented development, RDBMS analysis and design, three-tier architecture, state-of-the-art tools and techniques, internet/intranet application development, and emerging technologies evaluation. At Genesis, we believe that the real strength of an organization is the synergy of the people that constitute the existense and growth of the company.

What you get from us is high quality; low cost customized software solutions delivered after thorough understanding of your requirements and a highly meticulous work approach.

With all the above, what you take home from us is Trust. We realize that even a small project can be the beginning of a lasting relationship and hence the intelligent minds of ours put in their soul to deliver every solution that they design. And if at anytime we're not 100% sure of the benefits to you, we will tell you honestly.

>> It is all about YOU!

Our Mission

To work hand in hand with our clients to understand their business vision and technical needs and to provide cost-effective solutions with cutting edge technologies.